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12 Mil HSU™ (High Strength Utility) 12 x 100'

Part Number 12-1200
review 5 Review(s)
12 Mil HSU™ (High Strength Utility) 12 x 100'
12 Mil 12' x 100'
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Made in the USA
Made from premium virgin polyethylene resin
High density polyethylene ribbons are the reinforcement
Extremely storng
No seams

12 Mil HSU High Strength Utility 

Compare this product to the Viper(tm) brand barrier.
Our HSU is 
  • better priced
  • thicker (12Mil)
  • shorter delivery time
This 12 Mil vapor barrier is an excellent vapor barrier for crawl space encapsulation. It is made by laminating three layers together; The HSU does not use polyester threads to reinforce the plastic, but instead gets it’s reinforcement from high density ribbons that are weaved together and then heated to increase its lateral strength. The outside two layers give the HSU its excellent moisture barrier properties and are laminated to the inside ribbon layer, together this product has superior tear and puncture strength compared to similar products on the market.

Rating 12mil utility review
I have always over spec'd my projects and this crawlspace is no exception. 1940's house (girlfriend's family house since new), replace damaged seal plates, floor joist,bottom plates, studs and sheathing due to saturated crawlspace. Did all the preventative work first of installing drains around the house. This eliminated the standing water every spring. Now the crawlspace. 38", workable head space. vac,d out the cobwebs, restrapped and lifted duct work, removed old nails and piping, wired 5 lights and some plugs, sifted dirt for debris and leveled. This whole time my girlfriend is saying, "Can't you just lay some visquin down and a string of lights! You always have to take it to the moon, don't yea!" Now remember this is her house, my time, my aching knees. I only took the 12mil utility to the blocks up 6 inches. Attached the 12mil border using the pins thru vinyl siding starter strips and block, caulking the 12mil to the strip creating more tug support(remember now, this is going to the moon) and laying a bead at the strip/vinyl/block line. Then I had it foamed 1" thick up into the end plates/floor joist. This gave me my vapor barrier and some insulation. Plastic pins are strong and permanent. Caulk empties to fast, bigger(I used 10 tubes). The tape was only used on 12 mil surface and it was good. The 12mil? Way past my expectations. No need for the 20mil, unless your going to use it for car garage utility space. You can't tear the stuff. Had to use a hammer to punch a 3/8 lag bolt thru. Cut it with sizzors(slicing it), not with knife. I did purchase the dehumidifier and ran it prior to the project. Just to much for it to handle(a great unit). It's still hanging in there, but it doesn't have much to do. Well the projects done, and yes it's like walking on the moon, only cleaner. I prefer socks over moon boots. p.s. Never been to Jupiter. Wonder what Jupiter looks like?
  Reviewed by:   from midland mich. on 2/25/2016
Rating Mr
Not as stiff as I was expecting, and that is a good thing. Pretty easy to work with.
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus, Ohio. on 2/24/2014
Rating Very Good Product, Excellent Service
Very good product. For our purpose, it was the right choice. The area we covered does not get a lot of use, yet the 12 mil HSU looks like it will last a long time. The customer service was excellent. We called before we ordered any of the products and talked to one of your reps who answered our questions without giving us the sales pitch to get an order. We appreciated that because it gave us time to go back and look at the project and review what we intended to do. The website was very helpful and gives the DIYer a place to start. Delivery was quick and everything we ordered came on time, with no damage.
  Reviewed by:   from South Carolina. on 9/6/2013
Rating Great stuff - excited about it coming together
Recently purchased and about 2/3 done with installing in my crawl space. It's good and sturdy and I'm really happy with the quality. It arrived quickly and installation has been easier than I expected it to be (and I am doing it by myself) My crawlspace used to be such a horrid place to have to go in and now it is becoming pleasant. Can't wait until I am finished and going to make a final sweep through to get rid of all the dirt any one that has to come work in my crawl space in the future is going to love me.
  Reviewed by:   from Tidewater Virginia. on 1/17/2013
Rating 12 Mil HSU
Strong but easy to work with overall. Excellent vapor barrier. I know because I did test of the humidity in my crawl space before (usually around in high 60s%) and after (usually in the mid to high 50s%) It is a a huge difference and no more "crawl space" smell! Thanks!
  Reviewed by:   from IL. on 2/25/2012

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