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For states East of the Mississippi River- DIY orders over $200 will included shipping. UPS has added handling charges for rolls of vapor barrier due to their size and weight. There will be a $9.28 UPS handling charge for each roll of vapor barrier.

For states West of the Mississippi River, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada- DIY orders over $200 will receive a 10% discount, however you will be responsible for paying the shipping. In most cases the 10% discount will cover most of the shipping. The $9.28 UPS handling charge is included in your shipping costs.

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3 Sizes Available- All are American Made
3 Sizes Available- All are American Made

12 Mil Vapor Barrier SilverBack 6.75'x100'

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Price: $216.00
Crawl space vapor barrier products for the DIY and professional moisture control contractor
Part Number: 12MSB-100


Made in the USA
Naturally resists Mold and Mildew
Bright white face/Silver Back
Additional discounts on a Dehumidifier if purchased with this vapor barrier
Super strong reinforcement makes tearing nearly impossible

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12 Mil Reinforced Vapor Barrier for Crawl Space Encapsulation  
12 Mil 6.75'x100'

The 12 mil SilverBack™ crawl space vapor barrier is the best product to encapsulate a crawl space. Used by professionals to achieve results that back up their reputation.

This product is made in the USA and from premium grade ingredients. We do not cut corners on our products. The SilverBack™ crawl space vapor barrier naturally resists mold and mildew.

The Top-
The face is pure white with a slight glossy finish. You will notice the diamond pattern string reinforcement throughout the product. The pure white finish gives this crawl space vapor barrier a clean and finished look once installed.

The Middle-
In the center of the vapor barrier is a polyester cord that is secured into place with a molten layer of virgin polyethylene. This reinforcement will stop tears and contain any puncture damage to the area of initial damage. This reinforcement cord is very similar to the ones used in tires to keep the rubber from coming apart from the centrifugal force of rotation. The bond of the molten layer of polyethylene is superior to simply trying to remelt the front and back layers together. By introducing the molten layer it brings all the surfaces to the same temperature allowing a bond that is not just "remelted" but rather liquified together. This bond insures the SilverBack™ will never delaminate or allow air bubbles into the center.

The Back-
The back of this vapor barrier is silver in color and made from the same virgin polyethylene as the front layer. The color additives are for appearance only and do add a bit of cost to the product manufacturing. However, the color does not weaken the barrier in any way. 

The 12 Mil SilverBack™ is the best all around choice for most crawl spaces. It will handle light to medium storage requirements as well as traffic for regular home maintenance. If the SilverBack™ is going to be installed over sharp stone consider installing our Felt 550™ first to protect your SilverBack™ investment. This is the most popular SilverBack™ vapor barrier for crawl spaces due to its lower cost and high performance. 

Made 100% from premium grade virgin polyethylene resin. This Commercial Grade 12 Mil vapor barrier is true thickness, so our 12 Mil measures 12 Mil at the barrier not the string reinforcement. You get the absolute best quality and performance as well as the technical support you need to install our products and answer your questions. 

This 12 Mil SilverBack™ vapor barrier weighs 65 pounds (of plastic) per 1000 square feet. Compare that to the competitions 12 Mil @ 38 pounds per 1000 square foot. That is a 27 pound less per 1000 sq ft roll in material you are paying for. 

Due to the expanding and rising UPS handling and shipping fees we are forced to add $9.28 at checkout for each roll.

12 Mil = .012 inches

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