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12 Mil Vapor Barrier for Crawl Spaces, GuardianLiner™ 6.75'x100 12 Mil Vapor Barrier for Crawl Spaces, GuardianLiner™ 6.75'x100
12 Mil Vapor Barrier for Crawl Spaces, GuardianLiner™ 13'4x75'
1/2 Gallon Mold Treatment Sprayer
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12 Mil Vapor Barrier for Crawl Spaces, GuardianLiner™ 13'4x50

Part Number 12MGL-50
review 43 Review(s)
12 Mil Vapor Barrier for Crawl Spaces, GuardianLiner™ 13'4x50
Now Available in 3 sizes(see below)
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American Made
12 Mil thickness (nominal) 60 MSF
100% Virgin Resin
White Face Cream colored back

For Conditions That Require Additional Mold Control
12 Mil Vapor Barrier for Crawl Spaces, GuardianLiner™ 13'4x50

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

The Top-
Pure white top layer made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin. The bright white helps to give the crawl space a clean and tidy look along with making it easy to do regular home maintenance. 

The Middle-
The 12 Mil GuardianLiner™uses a polyester thread to reinforce the vapor barrier as well as to control any punctures from spreading. The reinforcement makes this vapor impossible to tear and requires a sharp knife to cut. The reinforcement is permanently imbedded in the middle by adding an additional layer of molten polyethylene resin between the top and bottom layers.

The Back-
The back is a cream/tan color and is also made from 100% virgin resin. This layer is home to the antimicrobial additive. Although products like the GuardianLiner™do not require an additive to resist mold and mildew we have added a small amount to inhibit any rare cases of mildew growth under the vapor barrier. 
The back is solid and has no pinholes or fillers like other popular brands.

The 12 Mil GuardianLiner™ is best used in a dirt crawl spaces with light to medium crawl traffic. If storage is necessary, the installer should lay a second layer of GuardianLiner™ on top of the encapsulation barrier to protect it from damage and wear.

This product was introduced to compete with other "12 Mil" products on the market and it is directly comparable to products like Duraskrim and NT1600, but without the pinholes and the excessive wrinkles. 

The 12 Mil GuardianLiner™weighs 60 MSF or 60 pounds of plastic for every 1000 sq ft of product. This weight is comparable to most other nominal "12 Mil" products offered by others.

The 12 Mil GuardianLiner™ is one of our most popular vapor barriers and like all of our barriers, this one is made right here in America. That means you get consistent quality and appearance. 

This crawl space liner offers an extremely high level of quality for the cost. Thanks to some recent engineering break throughs we are able to manufacture this high quality REINFORCED vapor barrier at an impressive price. 

12 Mil = .012 inches

Due to the expanding and rising UPS handling and shipping fees we are forced to add $9.28 at checkout for each roll.

Rating Good Quality
All items purchased were delivered promptly and of good quality, Easy to look for, Great price for do-it your self job , it turned out great with thousands of dollars saved , Thanks Scott
  Reviewed by:   from Gloucester. on 11/29/2016
Rating homeowner/contractor
Great product! Was a bit time consuming to install but no problems doing it. And for the first time in 25 years the house doesn't have that not lived in smell after being away for a weekend. The crawlspace is bright and clean now and I believe the product will last the life of the house, or at least outlast me!
  Reviewed by:   from Richmond, Virginia. on 11/7/2016
Rating Crawl space in house
Took this task on with my son to totally encapsulate the basement. The products I ordered from this site were top notch and easy to work with. They are very good products and I found no problem using them. For the do it yourself types like me, order from these folks. You won't be disappointed. Also, I got all my order even faster than I expected. Great service and products!
  Reviewed by:   from Albany, Ga.. on 9/15/2016
Rating Contractor
Why increase your footprint when you can reclaim basement areas with confidence !
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland,TN. on 7/19/2016
Rating Retired
I used 6 mil on foundation block walls and 12 mil on floor of crawlspace. Purchased the Sante Fe Compact 2 and now have taken the crawlspace from 90% humidity to 59% in one day. Wow, such a difference. The 12 mil was placed on small chip gravel and did well. Thank you Crawlspace Repair.
  Reviewed by:   from Southern Illinois. on 6/8/2016
Rating Home Owner
Not often these days does a product exceed expectations. This one does. It is exactly what the website description says it is, I measured it. The installation tips on the web site were very helpful to me, a homeowner and first time installer. It's a no brainer for me to recommend this product to anyone conditioning a crawl space.
  Reviewed by:   from Strasburg, Va. on 6/1/2016
Rating Homeowner
We are from the Northeast, but recently purchased a home in Conway, SC. This house has a crawl space which was very damp with some standing water from condensation. We had a contractor remove and replace the wet insulation. Their price to replace the plastic was out of reach. Your 12 Mil barrier was great. My son helped his 70 year old dad do the work. Your 12 mil plastic was perfect. It is light enough to be handled and thick enough so that it does not rip while being installed. Some mud that got on top of the installed plastic was just dust the next day. I am very happy with your materials.
  Reviewed by:   from Conway, SC. on 5/11/2016
Rating Brinkley's Property Services
I have used this product for many years.This is the best material to put in your crawlspace. No vapors will pass through. Be sure to tape your seams.This company has the best price
  Reviewed by:   from Crossville, Tennessee. on 2/15/2016
Rating better quality that anticipated
I ordered this product to save money instead of having my Basement/Crawlspace contractor purchase and recharge me as a middleman. The product came to me very quickly and in good shape. The contractor who specializes in mold and radon commented that this was much higher quality product than what his company uses. (it would have been $1000 more also). He loved working with it, and said I will never have issues with mold, dust, or vapor. Also, customer service on the phone was excellent. I would purchase from this company again.
  Reviewed by:   from denver co. on 12/16/2015
Rating Excellent product
Arrived in four days. Easy to install. No odor whatsoever. Seems very durable.
  Reviewed by:   from Litchfield. on 11/30/2015
Rating Guardian Liner, Foundation Tape, Waterproof Seam Tape, Fasteners
We had two reasons to use these materials in our crawl space: 1. Our radon level was measuring 14.4 pc/liter in our basement 2. Our house had a little musty odor when we would return from out of town trips. Our crawl space was dirt covered with pea gravel. After viewing the videos on your website I was convinced that I could resolve the above problems mentioned myself using your materials. I must say that with your information and materials we have reduced our radon radiation down to a safe level of 2.7 pc/liter and the musty odor in our home is gone. The total work took about 40 man hours but I saved approximately $4300 as a do-it-yourself project. Your materials were easy to work with and performed as you advertised. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from Northbrook, IL. on 11/20/2015
Rating Professionally used with outstanding results!
As a high quality contractor, we take great pride in our results. The work we've done with this liner has made many homeowners thrilled with how nice a crawl space can actually be!
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia Beach. on 11/7/2015
Rating Ultra durable for 12 mill.
Some parts of my job was over sand and some areas were hardend clay. There was also an area of old block footing with some jagged edges, so I decided to use strips of 12 mill on top of the blocks for a second layer of defence. Over all I've been crawling repedly over the plastic fixing various neglected issues due to lack of motivation to crawl around on dirt with spiders and centapieds. While the sand areas are easier on the knees, even the hard jagged edges of the clay have proven to be problem free from puncture. The house now smells better and the humidity is in check!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Ontario . on 10/24/2015
Rating Mr.
This is great quality 12mil vapor barrier, it is durable and works perfectly.if i had the money i would buy the 20 mil you could probably have a track meet on that stuff because the 12 mil was great!
  Reviewed by:   from indiana. on 10/21/2015
Rating vapor barrier
I used this vapor barrier for the foundation walls and pillars. It is much easier to cut than the thicker equivalent for ground use, which I also have. This is the same as the ground barrier, just a little thinner. They have both done an outstanding job, and now I'm waiting for the next few months to see how well they keep the moisture out of the crawl space. So far, everything is dry.
  Reviewed by:   from AndersonSC. on 9/23/2015
Rating Great Product and Company
My crawlspace is now awesome with this vapor barrier installed. Customer service was excellent dealing with a minor issue I had. I would definitely recommend this product and company.
  Reviewed by:   from Yorktown VA. on 9/14/2015
Rating Vapor barrier, Good product,
Product was as described and worked perfectly in our installation. Happy with the product.
  Reviewed by:   from Franklin, Tennessee. on 5/1/2015
Rating No odor and easy to install
I sealed my partial crawl space with this 12 mil liner along with the felt underlayment, foundation seal tape and seam tape. Delivery was prompt and the products easy to work with. No pvc smell at all. I should have done this years ago! I had extra so I added a second layer where I store tote bins. The seal is so tight that the liner puffed up due to air infiltration.
  Reviewed by:   from Illinois. on 2/24/2015
Rating Slick Looking Crawl Space
Just wanted to share our first experience with your product. Since I'd never done this before, I really didn't know what to expect in terms of working with the product or time it would take to complete. On both scores, I would say we were pretty impressed. In this particular case, we had generally optimum conditions that will not always be present, but even so, 3 hours start to finish we had a very slick looking crawl space completed that the customer was very happy with. We look forward to working with you folks for a long time to come. Thank you again for all of your help in answering my questions to get us started.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 2/6/2015
Rating Strong and easy to work with
I am very happy with this liner. Combined with the foundation seal tape and the seam tape I was able to encapsulate my crawl space for 1/10th the price I was quoted by a local company. I had to level some dirt myself, but once that was done, this liner was great to work with. I wish you could smell my crawlspace now- it smells like nothing! beautiful, fresh, nothing!
  Reviewed by:   from Washington State USA. on 1/6/2015
Rating Excellent product and great service
This product is great. Dropped the humidity from 85% to 30% almost instantly and the vents havent been closed yet. Well worth the money. I'd also add that the service was exceptional both before I bought this product and after. When I got to the job I realized that I was going to need felt. The company shipped it to me within a few days so I was able to complete the job while on site. I highly recommend both the product and the company.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona highland. on 11/21/2014
Rating Excellent!
This was my first time using and doing a project like this! make sure to measure and cut before you bring into the crawlspace fold it up and go into space and unfold TAN SIDE DOWN, when you cut the next piece I suggest you over lap pieces by at least 3 , I was so impressed with the quality,make sure you have sharp razors to cut because there is some poly type string that runs thru it for durability a good razor will be no problem, now I know the true test will be in the coming cold months and the years as they pass to see how it truly holds up but thus far Im very pleased with this material and its purpose. I dont often write reviews but I felt compelled to let homeowners and contractors know you will not be disappointed, unless of course you cut corners and do a cheap lazy job that will be on you and not the product. I will buy again at another location and I will highly suggest to friends and family to buy!
  Reviewed by:   from Boston. on 11/13/2014
Rating Clean and Odor Free!
We completed our encapsulation install about 8 weeks ago on our new house, all I can say is WOW! Our encapsulated conditioned crawl space is great. It is the only way to go. The crawl space air is clean, odor free with zero mold, and it is also critter free. Everybody that sees our crawl space is amazed. The efficiency payback is also going to be a great benefit for adding your product to our new house. I wanted to thank you, Bob, for all your help and great service!
  Reviewed by:   from Arkansas. on 11/6/2014
Rating Homeowner
This product worked great. It came in an easy to use roll. Was very easy to put down . Within days of doing this project I noticed a big differance in the moisture and sell in the crawl space.
  Reviewed by:   from Buffalo NY. on 10/27/2014
Rating Homeowner
With the 6mil used on the walls, 12mil on ground, pinned and taped, it looks and feels great.
  Reviewed by:   from Phila., Pa. on 10/24/2014
Rating tough stuff
opted for the 12 mil guardian liner due to cost and it was on sale. was impressed with the thickness-yet very easy to cut. slightly difficult to work with in my tight crawlspace when spreading out and working out wrinkles. since I will not be entering crawlspace except to do maintenance--felt the thinner product was ok. In hindsight, if the area was higher traffic-would opt for the 20mil..after finishing the project, noticed several areas where small sharp objects were making indentations--not coming through..but since I wont be going in there--not an issue...overall--apples to oranges compared to the ancient plastic in there before.
  Reviewed by:   from jefferson-ohio. on 10/16/2014
Rating Project engineer
Best Quality for the money.Fast shipping very pleased. Would purchase again.
  Reviewed by:   from north east Pa. on 10/10/2014
Rating Vermont SprayFoam
The best product we have used for basement/crawl space systems. Performs very well and when combined with spray foam insulation creates total encapsulation for optimum performance. Customer service is both knowledgeable and helpful. We will continue to offer this product to our customers.
  Reviewed by:   from vermony. on 6/6/2014
Rating Pleasure to Work With
Good products – helpful and knowledgeable service. Your company is a pleasure to work with.
  Reviewed by:   from South Carolina. on 5/14/2014
Rating Excited!
I bought two rolls of the 12mil anti microbial Liner. I did a 1500sq ft. crawl space and I had plenty for the job. I will use the leftover pieces to put under the tubs I will be using for storage. I will also use a piece to put down when I work under the house doing plumbing, electrical, and AC work. I am very impressed with the quality of the American made products! I have just ordered my Santa Fe dehumidifier and I am excited to see my humidity drop!
  Reviewed by:   from Jax Beach. on 4/15/2014
Rating Very happy!
I'm very happy with the 12 Mil GuardianLiner along with everything else I ordered from the website. Shipping was very fast! Great company!
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta, GA. on 4/7/2014
Rating Mr.
Perfect product for my crawlspace. I am 75 years old and installed it myself in one week-end. Received the order promptly in three days. Excellent service and good experience all around.
  Reviewed by:   from Crossville, TN.. on 3/14/2014
Rating 12 mil vapor barrier
promptly received. Well pleased with quality of the white 12 mil vapor barrier.
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 1/6/2014
Rating GuardianLiner is a great product!
GuardianLiner is a great product! I am so happy with this crawl space barrier. It is easy to install and is tough material. It is well worth the cost.
  Reviewed by:   from Minnesota. on 1/4/2014
Rating The Perfect Solution
I'm a first time home owner. My Wife complained about a musty, moldy smell in our family room located above the crawl space. I ordered this product along with the T pins, seam tape, and caulk. After removing the old insulation on the floor joists, I cleaned all the rocks and debris out. Then I started installing the liner right over the dirt floor in the crawl space. At first I was only going to run it up about a foot on the walls, but my crawl space was 28'x16'. That gave me plenty on material to run all the way up the walls. I couldn't be happier with all the products I purchased and most importantly, no more smell. I even ran a heating/ac duct into the middle of the crawl space and even pumping air into the space, there is no smell. Well worth the money I spent and saved. I took me four evenings after work to complete the job.
  Reviewed by:   from Downers Grove, Il.. on 1/1/2014
Rating homeowner
Great product; it is expensive, but you do get what you pay for. Don't take a chance on paying for thinner material from the big box. Once you rip a few holes in thinner material, you've just wasted your time and your money
  Reviewed by:   from Cincinnati. on 11/26/2013
Rating guardian liner
Product was delivered as expected (3 days from purchase). Product was thick and fiber reinforced. I used two rolls of this product to complete the vapor barrier for an 1500 sq foot crawspace. It cost a little over $500. The cheapest install in my area was about $3500 for equivelant quality. It took about 20 hrs between 2 people. While it was hard work, it was well worth the savings and the product looks very good.
  Reviewed by:   from alabama. on 11/23/2013
Rating Crawl Space Procucts
I ordered the 12 Mil Micorbal Guardian Liner to cover a 400 Sq Ft. orea where addition was on a crawl. Used liner, plus foundation seal tape, and waterproof seam tape. All these materiel were superior and very easy to use. In additon, the schematics and directions they supplied us made the job a lot easier! Very happy with the product. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:   from Livonia, MI. on 10/17/2013
Rating Excellent Product, Worked Perfectly
Excellent products. Everything purchased was just as described and worked perfectly. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 10/4/2013
Rating Musty Odor is Gone
We had an extremely wet spring this year and I had a strong musty odor coming up from the air returns into my home. The inside humidity rose to 81%. I contacted a contractor who happened to do work in a house with an encapsulated crawl space and thought it would be a good solution for me. Since encapsulating my crawl space and installing a dehumidifier and one fan, the humidity in my crawl space has dropped to a perfect 45% and the temperature is staying about 70 degrees. After just about one month, this seems to be a very good solution. The humidity inside my home is back to normal and the musty odor is completely gone.
  Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 10/1/2013
Rating GuardianLinerâ„¢ User and Believer
WOW! You guys are the greatest. I called several times with several questions before I purchased the 12 Mil GuardianLinerâ„¢. Everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable about crawl space encapsulation. We searched the web and I found you guys. I called and if you told me once you must have told me 20 times to seal the vents. I could not believe this would work. I did it and ordered the GuardianLinerâ„¢, the Foundation Seal Tape, the Waterproof Seam Tape, the Foundation Pins and a hygrometer. I would never have believed sealing the vents and encapsulating would be the answer to a problem we have had for over 30 years. Had we know this last year or 2 years ago, we could have saved a lot of money on insulation. I will definitely recommend you and your company to everyone I see who says they have a moisture problem in their crawl space. I have another friend whose brother paid around $10,000 to have his crawl space encapsulated on the eastern shore of Maryland. We did it for a fraction of the cost. Excellent, excellent product and excellent, excellent customer service from Bob, Caitlynn, and Larry. Kudos! Thanks again, GuardianLinerâ„¢ User and Believer
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 9/17/2013
Rating Happy customer!
Great vapor barrier! The Foundation Seal Tape and Waterproof Seam Tape worked extremely well, too. My customer is very happy with the overall outcome.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 6/24/2013
Rating Great product!
Heavy duty, went down easy, great product! I will use it in my own home.
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 6/19/2013

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