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Actual pump may vary from picture
Actual pump may vary from picture

Condensation Pump

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Price: $77.00
General purpose condensation pump for dehumidifiers and drain lines
Part Number: CON-PUM


Fits the Compact Air Plus, Santa Fe Compact and the Santa Fe Advance

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Condensate Pump Installation Note: Before attaching pump assembly, ensure that the dehumidifier has either the casters or leveling legs installed in it. These will be needed for additional height.
Step 1. Lay the unit on it's side. Make sure the filter door is facing upward. Note the locations of the four leveling feet and the hose adaptor. 
Step 2. Partially screw in the leveling feet at the four locations. 
Step 3. Turn unit upright and install short end of hose connector on drain port. 
Step 4. Remove middle top cover screw located on the drain port side. Do not discard this screw. It will be used to attach the mounting bracket. 
Step 5. Align mounting bracket of condensate pump with the dehumidifier screw hole. Reinstall screw that was removed in step 4. 
Step 6. Put drain hose into pump (A) and install 20ft hose onto pump outlet (B). Route the drain hose to appropriate drain. 
Step 7. Plug in the condensate pump and the assembly is completed. 

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