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Crawl Space Circulation Fan

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Price: $24.99
Crawl space circulation fan. This fan is used to aid in additional air flow for crawl space dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers in service using this fan in an encapsulated crawl space will double the area it will dehumidify.
Part Number: CRW-CIR


Allows you to get more out of your dehumidifer
Use less electricity than a light bulb
8" fan
Call to learn more about a moisture management plan for your crawl space

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The CS Circulation Fan was designed to work in an encapsulated crawl space. Use this fan in a moisture management plan to make the Compact Air Plus dehumidifier more effective. This fan will assist in moving the crawl space air toward the dehumidifier allowing it to remove more water even faster, thus saving you money. It runs on standard household outlet and is rated at 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute). As part of a moisture management plan a few of these fans can extent the Compact Air Plus dehumidification capabilities to 3500 sq ft at 4' tall.


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