Shipping Included Details

For states East of the Mississippi River- DIY orders over $200 will included shipping. UPS has added handling charges for rolls of vapor barrier due to their size and weight. There will be a $9.28 UPS handling charge for each roll of vapor barrier.

For states West of the Mississippi River, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada- DIY orders over $200 will receive a 10% discount, however you will be responsible for paying the shipping. In most cases the 10% discount will cover most of the shipping. The $9.28 UPS handling charge is included in your shipping costs.

If you are placing an order from one of these areas please call our office 864.223.7800 if you have any questions.

Material Quote

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Price: $50.00
Not sure what to order, use our material quote service.
Part Number: MT-QT
Availability: Please Call to Order

Please call our office to place your deposit. You can send your drawings prior to the call

Material Quote

Not sure how much to order? We can help, you can use our experience to put together a material quote for you. Send us a sketch (no blue prints) of your crawl space and include the following: 
  •  Crawl space height 
  • Measurements of ALL walls 
  • Location of support piers or center foundation wall from the exterior foundation walls 
  • What Mil thickness you want 
  • If you are having any water problems 
  • Any other obstructions in the crawl space such as furnace, water tank or oil tank 
  • Your name and phone number 
We will figure the material needed for your crawl space as well as guide you on how to install it. This can save you many, many hours of work and frustration. By having a plan on how the material will be cut and installed before you start your project you will be better prepared as well as less likely to make costly mistakes. 

Although creating a conditioned crawl space in your home can be done by most homeowners, it is still difficult work. The more you know before you get in the dirt the less time you will spend there. To help us separate the curious from the serious we take a $50.00 USD deposit before we figure your quote and layout. This $50.00 is credited back to you on your order, so it will cost you nothing in the end. This measure was put into place to insure we are able to spend the time needed with the customers that are ready to finish their crawl space. This way we will be ready when you're ready. Click the "Add to Cart" button above to place your order for a material quote. Once you have completed this process you can send your sketch by fax- 864.223.7803 or email to tech(at) , Please include your order number to speed the process.


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