Our Vapor Barrier Price Match Policy-

If you find a crawl space vapor barrier on the internet that you think is a similar quality, is made in America and is priced lower than ours we may have a price match policy for that product. Free shipping may not apply unless the competing product clearly states shipping is included.

We want this to be simple- we want your business! Call our office at 877.379.7658 and tell us you would like us to price match a product. We will need the following information:
  • Website URL where the product & price is displayed
  • If it is offline- We will need a quote on letterhead from the company selling the lower priced vapor barrier that lists the product name, size, price and quantity for that price.
Once we verify and it is a name we recognized we can match it with one of our products on the spot. If it is a "renamed product" it may take us a short while to determine it's origin. Once we know what product it is we can then make a determination for you. 

Please note-NOT all rolls of plastic sold on and off the internet will be eligible for a price match. Our product line is purposely made with high quality ingredients which makes them expensive to produce and can not be priced matched to cheaply made rolls of plastic.

The top 5 reasons why buying from us is better:
  1. Free technical install support
  2. Same or Next day shipping- Everything is in stock, so no waiting 3-4 weeks
  3. We have been a nationally trusted resource since 2007
  4. All of our vapor barriers are MADE for use in crawl spaces
  5. We have many customer reviews for each of our vapor barriers describing the quality and value
Our intent is to service each customer beyond their expectations. Because there are those that wish to take advantage of our good will we must reserve the right to refuse to offer this policy to certain individuals.