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For states East of the Mississippi River- DIY orders over $200 will included shipping. UPS has added handling charges for rolls of vapor barrier due to their size and weight. There will be a $9.28 UPS handling charge for each roll of vapor barrier.

For states West of the Mississippi River, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada- DIY orders over $200 will receive a 10% discount, however you will be responsible for paying the shipping. In most cases the 10% discount will cover most of the shipping. The $9.28 UPS handling charge is included in your shipping costs.

If you are placing an order from one of these areas please call our office 864.223.7800 if you have any questions.

Price is for EACH roll
Price is for EACH roll

Waterproof Seam Tape for Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

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Price: $32.99
The perfect seam tape for crawl space encapsulation. Preferred by professionals and wont release like the other tapes do.
Part Number: WST-PRO


Pressure sensitive adhesive
Waterproof= Water/Moisture will not dissolve the adhesive like other tapes
Bright white, matches the SilverBack™ perfectly
4" x 187'
Will not turn pink

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12+ $28.04

This tape is used to seal the seams of the SilverBack™ vapor barrier. It comes in rolls 4" x 187' (compare to rolls at only 108') and is white to match the SilverBack™ barrier. This product, when installed correctly, will give you a waterproof seal at the seams. In very wet conditions it is recommended to use the Foundation Seal Tape under the seam to give an extra layer of protection. This tape is the perfect thickness for this application allowing proper flexibility without sacrificing strength. This product uses a pressure sensitive adhesive that achieves 100% strength in 15 minutes at 70 degrees F. "Cheaper" tapes are known to release when they come in contact with moisture leaving your crawl space exposed. Because other tapes are white does not make them the same.
*This product is Field Tested and the only tape we warranty on our installs. 

If you save $5 on a roll of tape and it fails, did you save $5?

How much do you need?
**Here is the guide we go by- 1 roll of WST for every 500 Sq Ft of floor space rounded up. For example; 400 Sq Ft you need 1 roll, 700 Sq Ft you will need 2 rolls, 1600 Sq Ft you will need 4 rolls etc. In addition you will need one roll for every 6- 8x8 or 8x16 support. 

Case includes 12 rolls- Save 15% on orders of 12 or more rolls.

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